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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Now See Her In A Bikini

Trisha has at last agreed to do wear a bikini. After many denials and saying NO to the sexy attire many times, she is wearing this sexy dress in the Tamil film Sarvam. Trisha seems to have given to market pressures where actress like Nayantara and Anushka have raced ahead of Trisha with their willingness to wear any kind of revealing attire.

Today despite having some good hits Trisha is a not paid as highly as Anushka and Nayantara as she a reluctant actress as regards wearing revealing attires, this new move from the actress will again put her in the big league.

Now, let us wait and watch how this black beauty would look in a bikini!!


Genelia Losing Weight ?

Being a bit plump is okay in Tollywood, but in Bollywood that is a definite no. This is what even Genelia knows. The darling of the Tollywood masses in now getting many offers from Bollywood and she is expected to wear certain revealing outfits in some of them, she is also doing a film that requires her to do martial arts. All this means that she will have to reduce weight.

Genelia says she realizes this and now she has committed to a weight loss program. The actress has also started hitting the gym more frequently and she says she has started enjoying every bit of this new found affair.

She insists that if her figure really gets slim the day may not be far off before she would wear a bikini in a film!!


Shilpa To Settle Down

The dawning of age has driven the sexy Shilpa Reddy to decide on her marriage; the actress has decided to get married to long time boy friend Raj Kundra. The marriage is likely to take place in India in a grand manner in a traditional setup.

The 35 year old Shilpa says that she believes in the institution of marriage and

she is sure that Raj is her soul mate. Shilpa feels that it took her all this while to be sure that Raj is her perfect partner.

The actress who had become a rage in UK by winning the Big Brother Contest today has an international career as a presenter and actress going her way. Shilpa who has also recently picked up a stake in the Rajasthan Royals team says that marriage would not be a hindrance to her filmy career!!


Anushka Worried

Anushka is a worried lady and the reason for this is that Billa happens to be her first release in Tollywood after Arundhati and she wants the film to do well. The general perception is that if Billa does well then there would be no looking back for Anushka as she would consolidate her position without doubt.

Thanks to Arundhati, Anushka is already in the 1cr plus figure in Tollywood, that is just next to Ileana who gets paid a little above a crore per film. If Billa does well then Anushka can demand more and she will even beat Ileana to be the highest paid in Tollywood.

Billa will decide Anushka’s fate as much as it would decide Prabha’s fate. If Billa indeed does well then Anushka will surely be the highest paid actress in Tollywood!!


Genelia Manhunts

Genelia has become a hot property after her success in Bollywood with Jane Tu Ya Jane Na. The lady was recently invited to be the chief guest at the Gladrags Mega Manhunt in Mumbai and Genelia looked every bit stunning at the show. The actress is making her presence felt where ever she is going and has already become a hot property as regards films.

Many are pitching for the lady as the next big competition for the likes of Katrina Kaif and Priyanka Chopra. An insider says that Genelia is the face of the youth in the country and all are rooting for her. Genelia has been bagging good projects left right and center and she is slated to get into some big Hollywood films soon.

Her pan India popularity is on an all time high and it is believed that she is also the most preferred face for product promotions, surely Genelia is going places.


Nag and Tabu Spotted

Good friends Nagarjuna and Tabu were recently spotted at the Grand Hayatt in Mumbai recently at the Lakme Fashion week, though not necessarily cozying up they looked a pair comfortable with each other and stuck to each other throughout the show.

Nag looked classy with a transparent white shirt with floral designs and Tabu looked sexy as usual with a off the shoulder gown.

Indeed a pair which seems inseparable, they have seen through the ups and downs of their relationship with elan and grace.


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